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birdsandbees.gifThe title says it all. This weeks list will be songs about sex. Not exactly the Marvin Gaye kind since I don't think much of the songs in this list will let you get in the mood for some lovin. They're songs that simply put, have the main topic of sex in their lyrics. Why post this list up? Well, for one, I haven't encountered anyone posting a list of indie songs with sex as the main topic (though there are a lot of top 10 sexy songs out there) and also, sex sells. Or maybe not.

Let's have a listen then...

1. CocoRosie - Turn Me On

I thought I'd start with something more familiar to everyone - and since R&B is choc full of songs about sex, a nice cover of Kevin Lyttle's Turn Me On is just the right song to start with. In this live recording, CocoRosie, brings their own twist to this chart topper - with Bianca handling vocals and Sierra on the harp.

2. Casiotone For the Painfully Alone - Love Connection

This is actually another cover, the original done by Parenthetical Girls. It's minimalist style of delivery won't distract you from the lyrics - which tells a nice and interesting story about a girl's, uhm, experience know. what.


It's an intimate song that's paints a vivid picture, not only of  what happened, but how the girl singing feels about it - at which she says 'I'll have to start watching my weight again'

3. Parenthetical Girls - Love Connection, Pt. II

Of course with such a beautiful song, they'd have to make a part two of it. Thus comes Love Connection II. It's still about that night, there's still the fluid stained grass and blood between the legs-  but then, it's sung by a guy (which was also true for the original Love Connection but that had some female vocals added in).

With lyrics like 'the night refines your face / your mouth agape, I strain to keep mine straight / there's blood between my legs / and our hands, our glands are both on a rampage' there's no denying what this song is all about.

4. The Blow - The Touch Me

After listening to this song, you'll find that SUV and leather seats are great metaphors to sex since it goes well with the sexual connotation of the phrase 'Wanna go for a ride?'. Partner the suggestive lyrics with some vocal oh-woo-oh-oh-oh's in the background, then you've got a perfect example of what it means to make a song that's all about sex.

5. Hot Club De Paris - Sometimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherineachotherforeachother

Not only does this song win's prize for longest song title ever in the Friday's list, but it's also the best song title yet. So, what do you think Hot Club De Paris is implying when they say 'Sometimes it's better not to stick bits of each other, in each other, for each other?'. Well, I obviously have a dirty mind, so that's why this song completes our list for the week.

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The Faint - Worked Up So Sexual perhaps?

The Faint - Worked Up So Sexual perhaps?

perhaps - maybe on another friday's list :)

love Coco Rosie!

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