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help.gifAs some of you know, I run the site all by my lonesome...with occasional help from my doting little boy Paolo. Since the site's all nice and semi-spiffy, I'd figure, you guys wouldn't mind (or be ashamed) to contribute some of your indie music favorites in the form of articles. Yes, we are accepting contributions in the form of articles for List Addicts Fridays or if you love interviewing bands and have an interview to submit - Fresh from the Post Tuesdays. To our regular readers you know how the articles go, and if you're new here and wish to submit - try to peruse the articles and see if you can whip something up like it....or maybe something even better (which is not such a difficult thing to do by the way). So, if you want the fame and glory of being an indiemusicdb writer or better yet, just show the world the wonderful indie music finds you have, have a go and submit - the magic email is


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Hey (: I would like to do the list I did mencione before about friendship (: would be ok?

Sure Dali, that would be excellent - as I wasn't able to do that list today ;)

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