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I (heart) the Vancouver Olympics

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I will miss the buzz of the Olympics when it's all done. It might not have felt like winter in Vancouver - especially with the dreadful rain that we're having today, but I do think the Winter Olympics was quite a success. I will particularly miss the free concerts and all those cute orange bikes I that the Dutch keep riding around with across the city. So in honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics, I'm having an Olympic themed post. This week, we have five songs that more or less (some really less) represent some of my favorite countries that participated in this year's Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

japan  japan  Tokyo Police Club - Listen To The Math

They have nothing to do with Tokyo, except for the name - which I've noticed - a lot of really good bands out there do have names of places they they don't necessary come from (take #3 for example). Although they don't have anyhting to do with Japan's capital,  they do have everything to do with Canada. They're one of the many indie bands performing for free throughout several olympic venues here - one of which I intend to catch a glimpse of tonight :)

russia  philippines   Moscow Olympics - No Winter, No Autum

I just had to put this band in my list. A band with a name like Moscow Olympics just begs to be included in any Olympic themed list. Despite the very Russian name (and a very notable event in history at that), Moscow Olympics comes from the Philippines - one country I'd sure pay to see compete in the Winter Olympics. This song is off last year's Rough Trade Indiepop sampler. Coincidentally, No Winter, No Autumn is a very Moscow Olympics thing to say - after all, the Moscow Olympics was Summer Olympics event and not a winter one.

australia  finland   Architecture In Helsinki - What's In Store

Architecture In Helsinki never sang about the architecture in Helsinki, though they did get to perform in Finland once. This band goes on to my list anytime I find an excuse for it - mainly because it's my son's favorite band of all time. Also, this song is just the right kind of track for happy / fun times - the kind of elated feeling you have when your favorite team just won :)

the netherlands   We Swim You Jump - Sharks

The Dutch are now my favorites - just because they look cool wearing their orange windbreakers while zipping by on their orange bikes, and their crepe-like pannekoeken taste great.

They make cool music as well - and We Swim, You Jump's Sharks is just one of them.


germany  sweden   It's A Musical - Pain Song

It's A Musical is a German / Swedish collaboration between Robert Kretzschmar and Ella Blixt. They make life seem like a musical with their collection of songs - a nice and cute musical at that. Pain Song is the emo kid's theme song cleverly disguised in twee pop trimmings. The pain in  Pain Song will probably be the kind of pain USA is going to feel when we beat them at hockey this Sunday. Now, let me just say - Go Team Canada!

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