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Hello, goodbye...and a one day break from playing indie



And we're back.

Apologies for the unannounced hiatus there. It just tells you how truly 'indie' this website is, since basically, there's only one person running it. And when that said person flies home because of a family emergency...everything stops. 

It's kind of hard going back to the swing of things after the death of my dad, but remembering how he turned me on to music at such an early age, and how much of a music junkie I am - I just couldn't stop right? My dad, pictured in this neato picture above, was the type of dad who would let me mess with his turntable when I was six, playing LPs and 45s, and who brought me home vinyl records that I requested after he got off from work. We would later reverse roles when he'd request me to find him mp3s of The Shadows and The Ventures and all those other cool 60's bands when he was too old to figure those things out. 

To get the blog right back on track again, we take a one day break from playing indie in honor of my dad - who, at 63, bid a sombre farewell after an 8 year bout with cancer.  Here's a song from one of his favorite bands, The Ventures, with Walk Don't Run

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Hiya, Cris. Wow, didn't know you got your love of music from your Dad. An awesome and fitting tribute indeed. God bless you always. And know that your Dad is watching over you and is very, very proud of you.


Hi Cris, i dont yet know you very well but I just read this and i'm sorry for your loss. Hugs from me.

I appreciate the kind words :)

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