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Ack! Another new weekly thing! I don't know why I torture myself in putting up weekly recurring posts even though I rarely post them up on time. But this one you'll love (I hope!). Though it may not seem so, we are actually an Indie Music Database (hence the db search section at the top). As I work towards getting our database beefed up, I encourage you to browse through the many artists on the site by this weekly album post. If you guys are anything like me, album covers always pique my interest whether or not I know the music of that particular artist - so what better way to get to know some of your indie artists than through their own album art. 

This week's theme is a single face in every album - may it be the artist's own, or some random person's. So go on, clickety-click, if you want to find out more about these interesting mugshots.

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I actually had no idea this was a database! I just thought it was an odd name for a music themed blog... lol

Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Best album of all (:

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album "I'm not ever supposed to, ever supposed to but I will anyway."

Little Flame by Elle S'Appelle

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