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The Rest

The Rest

Years Active: 2005 to present

Genre: pop, soul

Country: Canada


Matt Buzanko (Bass)
Dwayne Brydon (Guitar)
Anna Jarvis (Cello)
Jordan Mitchell (Multi-Instrumentalist / Electronics)
Adam Bentley (Vocals, Guitar, Organ)
Blake Bowman (Drums)
Steve T. Jones (Guitar)


Why is this artist indie?

Indie music these days can almost incorporate any style, and doesn't seem to necessarily need to be apart from a major label. That almost makes it impossible to figure out, but I see it more of a perspective or feeling. I think most of these artists share a true joy for creating music, and an honest approach to these creations. The results can vary because there's no limitations on your style or creed anymore.

I would consider us an indie group, at least in the description above, but I sometimes hesitate to use the word these days because I feel people are using it only as a trend. But deep down indie music is something that won't go away. People will continue to make indie music for their own reasons and not what has been forced upon them.

- Adam Bentley

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