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We Are Scientists : Biography

We Are Scientists is an American indie rock band featuring Keith Murray (guitar and lead vocals), Chris Cain (bass guitar and backing vocals), Max Hart (keys and guitar) and previously Michael Tapper (drums and backing vocals). They formed in 2000 in Claremont, CA.

There are many theories behind the band's name. One story behind the name is that when they were applying for a loan for the band, they said they were scientists who needed funding for a project (as the bank wouldn't have given them a loan to start up a band). That story is untrue. In one of many of the band's stories, their name comes from a conversation they had with a U-Haul worker. When returning a truck, the worker asked them if they were brothers. When they replied no, he looked them up and down, noticed that they were clearly non-athletic and bespectacled, and then asked if they were scientists. According to Keith Murray, the name just stuck. Another of the band's stories is that when they were in college they would often be studying in the library. At one point, they were attacked by a herd of nerds. In defence, the band shouted "Stop! We Are Scientists".

They are not named after the Cap’n Jazz song which bears the name.

The band formed while its members attended the Claremont Colleges. Murray and Cain attended Pomona College; Michael Tapper attended Harvey Mudd College.

The band has released three self-made EPs (Bitching!, Safety, Fun, and Learning (In That Order) and In Action) and their debut LP, With Love and Squalor was on Virgin Records, the first three singles of which were “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt”, “Play The Great Escape” and “It’s A Hit”. The album takes its name from the J.D. Salinger short story “For Esme - With Love and Squalor”.

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