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All I Want for Christmas is a Hoverboard by Machu Picchu.

It's a song from this year's The Eggnog Experience compilation album featuring indie bands from the local Vancouver scene. If you've been following the internet series Mental Beast, you might already be familiar with this neat 29 song compilation.

What's great about this album is that it's the perfect solution for anyone out there this Christmas Eve morning who still hasn't done their Christmas shopping. Just download the album here, and place a donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. It's a perfect two-disc compilation gift which includes all new indie music recordings. Most of all, you're giving a donation on the behalf of the person you're sending the gift to, as well as helping out the less fortunate. How's that for bringing on the Christmas spirit? :)


Oh! What a Christmas by El Perro del Mar. Doing this Christmas countdown sure has made me realize that there are tons of fantastic Christmas themed indie albums out there. This single comes from El Perro del Mar's 2004 single release and was also included in another Christmas compilation album - Izumi Records' 2006 release It's Not Like Christmas which benefited the UK charity Shelter.


The Holidays Behind Us by Figurine. I certainly won't let the Christmas season pass by without including one of my favorite groups here on my Christmas list. Though Figurine's been inactive since 2006, they regrouped in 2008 to put out a single for the digital download release of the Christmas album 'I'll Stay 'Til After Christmas ' which was for the benefit of Amnesty International. The album also included tracks from Au Revior Simone, Parenthetical Girls and Le Loup.


Twinkle by Nina Hynes. This cute little tune is something that you'll want to cozy up to the fireplace with. The single also included in last year's Indiecater Record's An Indiecater Christmas. So, if you're aching for new Christmas tunes to set the mood this holiday season, you can check out the 2008 and 2009 compilation of An Indiecater Christmas.



 Christmas on the Beach by Irene. I wish I could spend Christmas on the beach - only if it wouldn't mean hypothermia when wading through the icy cold waves. I dedicate this to my sister, who got snowed in yesterday at work. Though it may be freezing out there, may this song warm your Christmas up with beach dreams and endless summers.

This single was also part of Labrador Records' 2006 free download Christmas offering at their site. 

album "I'm not ever supposed to, ever supposed to but I will anyway."

Little Flame by Elle S'Appelle

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