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The Eleventh Week (March 22 to 28)


Happy is when I see cute kitties lounging in toilet bowls.

I just love four day work weeks right after Spring Break - it just brings out the 'happy' in people.

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The Tenth Week (March 15 to March 21)


Some people really can't appreciate the authenticity of kid-drawn robots.

In any case, if you were one of the few who did, I extend to you my warmest and deepest thanks. Otherwise, face the wrath of Cat-robot. Feel his evil death stare upon you, his fierce hell claws just waiting to pounce. You might want to watch your back. I kid you not.

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The Ninth Week (March 8 to 14)


Ahh, hipster hate - the true landmark of hipster-ism. Personally, I don't really get that whole thing about hating on sub-cultures of cultures...or whatever you might call it. Also, as a self ascribed self-facilitating media node, I withhold judgement only until after Dan Ashcroft writes about it in Sugar Ape.

Forgive me, it's a Monday.

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The Eighth Week (March 1 to 7)


If someone can guess how that screencap is related to one of the songs in my lyric of the day recap, you win a free pass to the viewing of the green glowy fluid that came out of my guts this morning..and access to a couple of neat songs in this post. You might want to hurry up on this offer though, before my gut fludge radiation levels go up to 'unsafe for human contact'.

Here's the recap...

The Seventh Week (February 22 to 28)


I think weeks should always start with a post of a picture of a young Christopher Walken.

Just because.

Also, my daily lyrics have a universal theme to them....but it's mystery. Just like the mystery that surrounds the weird feeling that you get just by looking at this picture. Go figure.

Here's the weekly lyric of the day recap -

album "I'm not ever supposed to, ever supposed to but I will anyway."

Little Flame by Elle S'Appelle

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