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Hello, goodbye...and a one day break from playing indie


And we're back.

Apologies for the unannounced hiatus there. It just tells you how truly 'indie' this website is, since basically, there's only one person running it. And when that said person flies home because of a family emergency...everything stops. 

It's kind of hard going back to the swing of things after the death of my dad, but remembering how he turned me on to music at such an early age, and how much of a music junkie I am - I just couldn't stop right? My dad, pictured in this neato picture above, was the type of dad who would let me mess with his turntable when I was six, playing LPs and 45s, and who brought me home vinyl records that I requested after he got off from work. We would later reverse roles when he'd request me to find him mp3s of The Shadows and The Ventures and all those other cool 60's bands when he was too old to figure those things out. 

To get the blog right back on track again, we take a one day break from playing indie in honor of my dad - who, at 63, bid a sombre farewell after an 8 year bout with cancer.  Here's a song from one of his favorite bands, The Ventures, with Walk Don't Run

The Misunderstood Robot


To long-time visitors of the site, you might remember the robot that hovers over the left side of the page when you visit. I've actually contemplated on putting it on a shirt or something, since Paolo is always proud of seeing it shown (since it looks oh-so-edgy with it's robot thrusters). So, I thought I'd submit it to good ol' Threadless and see how it fares. If you guys want to show the appreciation and love (I'm sure Paolo will be thrilled), please drop by Threadless to score his design.

If anyone's interested in the artist behind it, he's shy but here's a nice picture of him behind one of his artworks.

A Call for Donations for the Haiti Earthquake Relief

I'm just  re-posting here from Arcade Fire's site to spread the news. As we all know, Haiti has been hit with a devastating earthquake that crippled the nation's capital, affecting hundreds and thousands of people across the nation. The band has posted a call for donations in aid of people affected by the quake -



Haiti needs your help in her darkest hour.

We just got off the phone with our friends at Partners in Health.

Most of the medical infrastructure in Port-au-Prince is down.
Since Partners in Health's clinics are in situated the surrounding areas and haven't been damaged, they are mobilizing their resources towards
the capital, setting-up field hospitals to treat the injured on the ground.
Also, Paul Farmer (the founder of PIH) is at the UN and has access to the best information on where to direct the money... so for the moment
if you want to help, we suggest sending funds to:

Canadian residents with Roger cell phones can text HELP to 1291. 5 $ will be directed to Partners In Health's Haiti emergency fund.

Please be generous as time is of the essence.

Win and Regine"

The band has always been and advocate for raising awareness for Haiti, providing leaflets in support of the non-profit healthcare organisation Partners In Health (PIH) and its Zanmi Lasante healthcare centres during concerts. The band's co-founder Régine Chassagne, has strong ties to the country, her family having emigrated from Haiti to Canada during the Jean-Claude Duvalier dictatorship.

New Year, New Stuff..and stars?

You might want to ask - why are there stars in the background? I'm wondering that too. I've actually been racking my brain trying to think of something to fill those whitespaces and that's the best I could think of. It kind of looks like wrapping paper - it must be my post holiday withdrawal. I may or may not scrap it - express your opinions if any of you out there are reading ;) (UPDATE: sadly, the stars have been taken down. I was just not feeling it)

I've also added a new section on the upper left corner there called 'Your Indie Music Quote of the Day'. For old time visitors of the site, I once had a section that churns up random lyrics from artists that I have in the database. I kind of missed that, so I'm putting on a new and improved one that you can check out daily. I will tweet it, and for those too lazy to visit everyday, there's a blog post for a recap weekly as well - just in case you were curious.

I actually put it up yesterday, but for the few hundred that visited and missed it - my first quote comes from Voxtrot's The Start of Something. I just find it - sweet.

The Indie Music Database wants your help

help.gifAs some of you know, I run the site all by my lonesome...with occasional help from my doting little boy Paolo. Since the site's all nice and semi-spiffy, I'd figure, you guys wouldn't mind (or be ashamed) to contribute some of your indie music favorites in the form of articles. Yes, we are accepting contributions in the form of articles for List Addicts Fridays or if you love interviewing bands and have an interview to submit - Fresh from the Post Tuesdays. To our regular readers you know how the articles go, and if you're new here and wish to submit - try to peruse the articles and see if you can whip something up like it....or maybe something even better (which is not such a difficult thing to do by the way). So, if you want the fame and glory of being an indiemusicdb writer or better yet, just show the world the wonderful indie music finds you have, have a go and submit - the magic email is


 artwork : A Threadless tee design by Chow Hon Lam

album "I'm not ever supposed to, ever supposed to but I will anyway."

Little Flame by Elle S'Appelle

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