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The Concretes

The Concretes

photo by Marius Hansen

Years Active: 1995 to present

Genre: Indie Pop

Country: Sweden


Lisa Milberg (lead vocals, drums, etc)
Maria Eriksson (guitar, vocals)
Ludvig Rylander (horns, piano, etc)
Daniel Värjö (guitar, mandolin, etc)
Martin Hansson (bass)
Ulrik Karlsson (horns, piano, etc)
Per Nyström (organ, glockenspiel, etc)
Victoria Bergsman (lead vocals), former member


Why is this artist indie?

As with a lot of indie acts, you've probably heard of their music being used on TV commercials (Target, Say Something New) and in motion pictures, films and TV series ( You Can't Hurry Love )- but have never associated it with a band.
Their former lead vocalist, Victoria Bergsman has also collaborated with Peter Bjorn and John in the widely popular song 'Young Folks'.

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