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Years Active: 1995 to 2006

Genre: Electronica, Technopop

Country: United States


James Figurine
Meredith Figurine
David Figurine


Why is this artist indie?

Interestingly, I can't find any real people pictures for James, Meredith and David Figurine - which puts me at the conclusion that they're as real as the Gorillaz.
Their electrobeat songs are techno and future themed, and if there's any good way to describe their songs it's that they'd make great love songs for androids... if androids felt love. (To which, if you probably ask Figurine is 'yes' . They also dream of electric sheep too.)
Figurine never did get the wide recognition of James' other project 'The Postal Service' - which is too bad, since they are, in my opinion, so much better.
Is there any chance that the trio can come back together again for a new project? Only time can tell.


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