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Architecture In Helsinki : Discography

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We Died They Remixed, Tailem Bend (2006) |

1) Do the Whirlwind [Safety Scissors Remix]
2) It'5! [Poutine Dream Mix by 33HZ]
3) Wishbone [Franc Tetaz Remix]
4) Neverevereverdid [Cave Rave Remix by Yacht]
5) Frenchy I'm Faking DAT Politics Remix
6) Tiny Paintings [Remix by Squeak E. Clean and Koool G. Murder]
7) Cemetary [Cemetary Sass Emerary Mix by New Buffalo]
8) In Case We Die [DJ Mehdi Remix]
9) Do the Whirlwind [Hot Chip Remix]
10) Need to Shout [Mocky Remix]
11) Maybe You Can Owe Me [Wait and See Remix by Qua]
12) What's in Store? [Up All Night Remix by Mountains in the Sky]
13) Rendezvous: Potrero Hill [Isan Three Point Four Five Five Mix by Isan]
14) Like a Call [Buy Me Now I'm Cheap Remix by Jeremy Dower][*]

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