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Lucky Soul


I am a Lucky Soul fan. Indeed I am.

From the first time I heard 'Lips Are Unhappy', I instantly got hooked - all the more with a full listen to their debut album The Great Unwanted. Ali Howard's sweet soothing vocals, partnered with 60's style upbeat soul, was the just the right combination that felt like drinking fizzy lifting drinks to remedy a drowning heart. So imagine how elated I was to know that the group was releasing another full length, and that I had the chance to get a Q and A with them.

For today's Fresh from the Post, Lucky Soul's Ali Howard talks to us about the band's new album A Coming of Age, shares one of the singles off their new album, as well as a new Lucky Soul video -

All Night Chemists


On our late Fresh from the Post this week, we have Brooklyn based band All Night Chemists.  

All Night Chemists is fronted by NYC musician, engineer and producer Len Monachello   He's one of those play-20-instruments-well-and-also-engineer-while-having-a-sandwich kind of guys. He plays almost every instrument on the band's new album 'Meet Me Again' and has written, produced and performed almost every song himself.

We had a chance to get a Q and A with Len to talk more about his music, sample a couple of songs and marvel how Sesame Street can actually be a significant influence in music - 

Ian McGlynn

ian.jpgIan McGlynn is no stranger to The Indie Music Database. If you had a chance to check out our 25 Indie Songs of Christmas last year - you'll definitely remember him for his magically nostalgic Christmas song 'Listen to the Choir Sing'.

In this week's edition of Fresh from the Post, we got a chance to check back with Ian and got to know more about his music, sample a couple of songs as well as talk about a new project just under his sleeve.

 I’m always curious as to how people get where they are. How did you get started playing music?

My parents had me modeling at 18 months old and so for me this was really the beginning of the entertainment world. I modeled until I was 7, giving it up to further my musical studies. By the time I was 7 years old, I already had an agent and a vocal coach in NYC. I was singing professionally and was playing the violin, drums and piano.

My mother was a classically trained pianist and my father was a rock 'n roll drummer so there was music playing in our house 24/7. It's just always been a natural part of my surroundings.

Techy Romantics


In this week's edition of Fresh from the Post, we sample a bit of Manila electropop with Techy Romantics. We caught up with the Techy Romantic's Dondi Virrey and asked him a few things about  his group's brand of music...

Bark Bark Disco


Remember that saucy little music video with naked girls in censor strips? Well, this week's Fresh from the Post artist would be the guilty party behind that.

Bark Bark Disco are Morris Woodcock, Charlotte and Antonio, three friends that form this little musical group, whose origins are split between Berlin and Malta. They produce their own unique brand of music which they dub as 'bedroom pop'. Today, they take a crack at this week's Fresh from the Post questions, as well as share a couple of songs to us from their newly released album -Your Mum Says Hello.

album "I'm not ever supposed to, ever supposed to but I will anyway."

Little Flame by Elle S'Appelle

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