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We take a break from the usual List Addicts Fridays to make way for some amazing stuff from Buffetlibre.

If you haven't heard the news yet - Buffetlibre and Amnesty International Catalunya has teamed up to form the first music atlas on the web. Called PEACE - it's a project that unites artists from all over the globe in support for Amnesty International. The site offers a compilation of over 180 unreleased songs from your favorite artists from different parts of the globe. As a sampler, we've got a couple of songs posted here from the compilation from The Antlers, Patrick Wolf, Crocodiles, Plushgun and our own favorite, Ra Ra Riot.

The 180 song compilation can be downloaded after making a donation to Amnesty International Catalunya and the collected money will be used for Amnesty International’s investigation and action campaigns aimed at preventing cases of Human Rights abuses around the world. Starting from 5 euros, you can get the full compilation, info sheets about the artists (for all the music geeks like me out there), as well as a chance to win tickets to some of the major music festivals around the globe. I've included a full list of artists right after the jump, and you can also go straight to the PEACE site to know more about it.

Plushgun - Mixtapes


To anyone who's ever cared to read the About Us section of this site, you would know that part of the reason why I made this site was for my son Paolo - who loves indie music, as well as surfing on the net. Another cool thing about him is that he's autistic. When I say cool, I don't mean to take autism lightly here - believe me, we've had our ups and downs with his condition, but to borrow Dr. Temple Grandin's words (who's a famous autistic person herself), it's also a gift.

Autism, to define it briefly, is a neurological developmental disorder that affects a person's social and communication skills and, to a greater or lesser degree, their motor and language skills. It manifests differently from one individual or another - since it is a spectrum disorder, so some may be on the lower end of the spectrum (non-verbal, extreme difficulty with motor skills) or on the higher end (highly verbal, but still laking in the social and communication skills department). 

In films, one of the more popular portrayals of an autistic person would be from the 1988 film "RainMan". Dustin Hoffman (who won an academy award for it), actually based it on the famous savant from Utah, Kim Peek. Not to generalize that all autistics are savants though  - my son does struggle with grade 2 math - it's a nice movie to see if you want to get an idea of how the autistic brain works. Also, if you haven't seen it yet, another excellent film is the HBO movie based on Temple Grandin's life - who which I was quite relieved to know, also had great struggles with math as my son did (as her science teacher would explain, she was more of a visual thinker, and math, like language, is quite abstract).  To note, for new movies released about people with autism, I wouldn't care too much for Adam (released last year) - it's more of a date movie and a new version of Say Anything than anything else -  only replace John Cusack with an autistic Hugh Dancy. A few minutes into it, my husband had to stop from watching, since it portrayed a man with Aspergers, struggling on his own, his parents dead and him just recently being sacked from his job -  the nightmare of most parents with autistic children.

I'll stop with the movies here, since it might be a list for a another time. So to move on to today's List Addicts Fridays, and in honor of April 2 being World Autism Awareness Day, I present a couple of songs that Paolo has marked as his favorite at one time or another (apologies, if I've listed some songs in other lists on the site before, my son does love to go here and click on stuff). To note, some of these songs have made my ears bleed - as the non-neurotypical boy that he is, Paolo loves to listen to things over and over and over again - 

Five Unconventional Songs for the Faithful


The Friday list comes on during Saturday again. I blame it on the migraine - which has slowly been killing me over the past years. Migraines aside, in this week's list, we go a bit spiritual (I think)  - since it's Lent, and something in my Catholic upbringing thinks this is going to be fun.

Today, our featured artists will be ones that have songs that have a Christian bent or have that unique Christian influence. But don't let that turn you off though - these artists are more than your run-of-the-mill Christian bands. First of all, they don't sing ska, and second, they produce songs that some of you might think, can't be related to anything Christian at all. Here now is my top five artists that have answered that calling to spread the good news through their own odd-sounding way -

1. Good News for the Pus Pickers by Danielson

Your eccentric Christian band list would not be complete without including the Danielson Famile on the list. Their unique brand of caterwauling and screechy vocals might make you cringe, but that won't stop you from listening - it'll make you curious all the more. They may not be singing praise yous or allelujah's, yet it's seeing their whole live act that makes you feel like wanting to go to mass the next day.

A picture above is good ole Daniel Smith himself - the band's founder, dressed in his tree costume in one of their live shows. If you're a devout Christian, you might be able to recognize the significance of the nine different fruits on the tree as representing the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, you can always dismiss Bro. Daniel as a complete whack-job. Crazy or not, no-one who's seen them perform can deny that this is a group who is dedicated to their calling - a calling to spread the good news via their avant garde music. The group originally composed of the Smiths siblings, were raised in a very religious environment - their dad a composer of praise music (some of his work you might even find in your Sunday hymn books). What started out as a thesis project for the eldest Smith sibling evolved into a family band and the indie icons that they are today. To fully appreciate the Danielson sound - I highly recommend watching the documentary "Danielson: A Family Movie" - which to me, is one of the best and most entertaining band documentaries I've seen in a while. Check out the end of the trailer where a couple recalls 'clapping for Jesus' in one of their concerts and realizing how awkward it was because they were Jewish.

Twice As Nice


Not counting last week's robot T-shirt design post (since it wasn't even music-related), it's been a while since I've posted a Paolo related music post. If you've been keeping tabs, the last song he got obsessed with was Who Left the Lights Off, Baby. Now, I'm happy to report that this has changed. It was hard pry him away from his fixation on the Guillemots, but I have finally succeeded :) Not only that, I also lowered my burnout rate on songs that Paolo listens to repeatedly, by introducing him to two versions of the same song. It's still the same song, but played differently - thus lowering the chance of me getting sick of it after five consecutive plays. How brilliant is that? I have gladly reached a compromise with my habit addicted, favorite music fixated, non neurotypical little boy...for now.

This week's Friday's list is inspired by songs that have two versions. Despite the distinct variations, both the original and the second version, are equally nice to listen to:

1. Too Too Too Fast by Ra Ra Riot

This is the song that broke the Guillemots obsession. Now, I just have to battle out this Ra Ra Riot fixation since Paolo tries to sneak in playing this song at the start of our car ride and times it so that the song also plays before the trip ends. It has now become a habit for him during our weekly trips to the therapist. Not that I mind though, I'm quite obsessed with the song myself. The original 'drum version'(as opposed to the 'piano version' as Paolo would call it) is my favorite, since it gives me that sudden urge to clear off the dust from my sticks and hit the skins on the old drum kit.

John Pike, wherever you are, you make really awesome drum grooves :)

Too Too Too Fast (Say Hi Remix)


2. So Kind, Stacy by Carol Cleveland Sings

I've featured this before in one of the Lyric of the Day posts as well as in my earlier posts in this blog. It's one of those songs that was great originally, and got successfully reincarnated with a fuller and richer sound later on. The first version is off the site, where The Spinto Band had its early start as Carol Cleveland Sings. The song didn't win the songfight, but that didn't deter the band from creating more songs - which led to the current Spinto Band sound, as well as the more popular version of So Kind, Stacy.

So Kind, Stacy  by The Spinto Band


Overplayed in the 80s: Yes, indulge me


I know, this post isn't at all indie - it's going to be more retro than indie. But then, in my defense - it's the sort of music that most of you guys reading haven't heard of, since these songs came from an era where you were still a twinkle in your parent's eyes.

I blame it all on the John Hughes tribute at the Oscars on Sunday, as well as JJ's Spandau Ballet serenade on Skins last Thursday. It gave me this really big urge to post an eighties themed List Addicts Fridays. The scariest part about this is, the songs that are pushing me to do this are the type of songs that my friends would squeal at when heard at the high school dance (yes, back in the day).

To JJ, your ukelele version of True impressed me - if I was the girl, I would've married you on the spot. But although 'True' might be the quintissential song of the eighties - and hearing it always transports me back to that sweet sweet time of my youth, it's been in a tad too many shows about the 80s. On this note, if any of you guys are planning on making an 80's themed movie or TV episode, why not sample these eighties staples that were overplayed back then, but aren't getting any action like what Spandau Ballet's 'True' is getting now.

Indulge me, I promise we'll go back to our regularly scheduled indie lists next week and never speak of this again...

1. Seona Dancing - More to Lose

Hello Ricky Gervais, your pop music past has come to haunt you again.

I don't know why he tends to shy away from the subject when this fact comes out in interviews. The group wasn't really a tremendous flop - this song was Manila that is. Nonetheless, now that the song has become pop music history - and not at all a bad song, maybe some of the new generation of music lovers can appreciate it - and regale in how Ricky Gervais actually sounds amazing as an eighties pop singer.

2. The Care - Whatever Possessed You

I've always wished this was featured in a cult teen movie and had the same notoriety that 'Don't You' had because of The Breakfast Club. Maybe somebody out there can make that true for me - I'd sure see love to see this song put into film - and please, no covers.

album "I'm not ever supposed to, ever supposed to but I will anyway."

Little Flame by Elle S'Appelle

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