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About The Indie Music Database is a project to create a repository of knowledge on all things Indie - call it an online music catalogue, an Indie Music Knowledgbase or an Indie Music version of the IMDb .  It's all about good music and more.

What is Indie?

I've always wondered about this. Everybody seems to have their own definition of what Indie music is. It's definitely evolved from being just a shortened term for Independent music, to a kind of music that's raw and edgy with a do-it-yourself kind of feel. It's the type of music that you don't hear on the radio too often, the perfectly beautiful song that's become a well kept secret by you and your friends. It's that song that was used in that TV commercial, and you can't seem to figure out who sang it, or even know how to get a copy of it. It's alternative, lo-fi, avant-garde, twee, or nothing that you've ever heard of before.

Maybe sometime in the middle of this project, as artists and songs get added to the database - we'll be able to define what 'Indie' really is....or maybe not. The main thing is, we  get something out of this - an online account, a physical document, of what 'Indie' is and will be in the ongoing history of music.


If you'd like to add to our growing database, we'd be more than happy to have your information here. Click on the link below to use our online form to contribute info. 

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album "I'm not ever supposed to, ever supposed to but I will anyway."

Little Flame by Elle S'Appelle

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